Children’s Sermons

These humorous and engaging stories follow former teacher, Elaine Knudtson and her stuffed animals and lego friends as they learn life lessons from familiar Bible Stories. The bulk of the series focuses on the retelling of the call of Abraham out of the Ur of the Chaldees to the promised land. It continues through the lives of Joseph, Moses, and Joshua as Abraham’s Descendants become a nation taking their place in the promised land.

Lent 2022: The Journey

The Journey is a series of meditations on lenten scripture passages reflected on by members and friends of St.Peter Luthan Church in Cochrane. The short devotionals reflect the many and diverse ways God has lead each of them along their faith walk. It features many paths and walkways found locally and a final commentary by Dr.Paul Knudtson.

Lent 2021

The Wilderness Journey. This is a series of lenten devotionals that follow the exodus of the Children of Israel from captivity in Egypt through the desert to the promised land. Featuring Pastor Bart Eriksson, each day is represented by a different symbol that reinforces the meaning of Lent. The final week is a series of lectures by Dr. Paul Knudtson on the link between the Old Testament’s emphasis on the 40 years in the wilderness to the 40 days of Lent leading to Good Friday.